Celebrating the next generation of connected clinical trials

The problem: A trial participant’s journey involves multiple, fragmented encounters which generate health data, including data generated as part of a clinical trial.
The solution: Connecting clinical trial data to a participant’s data outside of a clinical trial can help answer more questions and improve clinical outcomes.
  • A privacy-preserving way to connect clinical trial and real-world data (we call this Trial Tokenization)
  • Timely, complete, fit for purpose, real-world data that can help ask and answer the right questions
  • Collaboration across the clinical trial ecosystem (sponsors, technology and service providers, clinical professionals, academics, regulatory and ethics groups, advocacy groups, and the trial participants themselves) to define and implement best practices so that every trial can be connected



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Vera Mucaj

Vera Mucaj

Passionate about R&D and healthcare data. Thoughts here are my own.